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“I feel that I have been called to help others shed the shame that life has put on them and restore the resiliency they were born with in order to reach their full potential in life.” 

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Speaking Topics

Sunday Dinners, Moonshine, and men: The Journey of Recovery, Resiliency and Personal Empowerment

My keynote, Sunday Dinners, Moonshine, and Men based on my memoir published in 2023. 

This program shares the tools that I’ve learned during my 25 years in recovery and is designed to inspire others to embark on their journey toward resilience and personal empowerment.

Tate’s keynote is appropriate for all audiences. In particular it benefits treatment professionals and managers in for-profit and nonprofit organizations who are tasked with leading employees and/or counseling patients suffering from addiction.

Shedding Shame & Restoring Resiliency: Unlocking the Productive Power of Your People

Shame is the secret killer of innovation. In this program which can be a keynote or a workshop, I share my own experiences as a victim of shame and a recovering alcoholic to lead audiences through my five step HEALSTM process to developing humility, recovering our innate resiliency, and achieving authentic empowerment.

Humility is the secret weapon to shedding shame and recovering the resilience with which we were born. My five step process is appropriate for all audiences, in particular those who are struggling with self-empowerment and addiction. In addition, the process benefits both treatment professionals and managers in for-profit and nonprofit organizations in leadership positions.


Based on a textbook I published in 2007, this keynote provides your people with a  methodology for making better decisions. The program offers a three step process that will empower participants to be more creative, more innovative and more productive.

This program is available as a keynote and a workshop or breakout session.

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