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How Legal Attacks on LGBTQ+ Rights Affect Mental Health

While significant strides have been made over the last two decades in recognizing and protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, challenges persist. The United States continues to witness the weaponization of public policy against the LGBTQ+ community and this assault has had a negative impact on many members’ mental health. New U.S. House of Representatives Leadership The recent election

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The Liberating Power of Self-Expression and Authenticity

Introduction In a world that often encourages conformity and societal norms, embracing self-expression and authenticity can be a truly liberating experience. But very often shame becomes an obstacle to fully accepting yourself as the unique individual that you are. Your unique identity is a treasure waiting to be unveiled.This blog article explores the profound impact of self-expression and authenticity on

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Shedding Shame and Restoring Resilience

As a speaker, I have the opportunity to travel around the country meeting people – and I truly love people. I am the annoying person who wants to talk with you and look at your pictures of your dog and your babies. It is one of the joys of being in the speaking business. When I ask people how they

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Tate Barkley


Welcome to my blog. In this space, I will be sharing my thoughts on shedding shame and developing resilience. I have faced many obstacles in my life from poverty, to alcoholism and addiction, to coming to terms with my sexuality. I have learned that being honest with myself and others and truly accepting who I am is the key to living an authentic life. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I try to answer all emails, so please feel free to email me if you would have questions about any of the subjects that are discussed here.